Sunday, January 6, 2013


Here are some tried and tested prescriptions:

For depression - Either get a haircut or shave your head. You'll feel lighter. Guaranteed.

For loneliness - Get hold of Pat, one of the infamous 3 sisters who all have varying degrees of ADHD. She'll very gladly  keep talking till 4 AM or until you finally beg her to go.

For disappointments - Go to Louise Ponciano's Facebook wall and look for her inspirational posts.

For frustration - Bang your head against the wall. Well, what else?

For boredom - Wash a coin, toss it high up in the air and then try to catch it with your tongue. Repeat every 4 hours.

For a broken heart - Easy.  Retail therapy is the best. Shop till you drop.

Feeling randy? - Please, put on your birthday suit and take a good and long roll in the mud.

And if nothing works, turn up the music and dance like an idiot.  


- Ariel Murphy

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