Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Gift

 It was Bob and Gina's 5th wedding anniversary. Bob  didn't  mind not having a  bow-tied box from Gina to unwrap. Afterall, she was unemployed and didn't have money to spare for a gift.  But that didn't keep her from preparing a special dinner complete with a lit candle on the table.

While they were eating, she asked Bob: "What were you grateful for today"?

 After a thoughtful  silence, Bob said: "Thank you for that gift. Best I've ever had in a while from anybody."

A slight breeze came in through the window. But the flame on the lone candle didn't even flicker.

From GoogleImages
  - Ariel Murphy

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  1. maybe my autism keeps me from understnding the romance here. i ask WHY Bob doesn't take better care of Gina? Gina stays home to take care of cooking is NOT unemployed.and Bob's comment "...Best I've ever had in a while." seems nasty to me, like he expects homage regularly from his wife Gina. and what did Bob give Gina? and candle flames MUST FLICKER, whether theres a breeze or not. can a star NOT TWINKLE?
    Bob & Gina have a COLD FROZEN life. it is a very sad story to me,,,
    i guess my inability to understand this is part of why i don't have a girlfriend. ~signed Bob (name coincidence.???)