Monday, April 15, 2013

Advice from the Coqui Frogs

Coquis are tiny Caribbean frogs. It is believed that they came to be in Hawaii by latching onto a ship. They like to eat herbivorous insects and abound in lush areas, especially rain forests.  Chirping instead of croaking and usually only in the evening, they sound like a gazillion birds twittering. 

The Coquis were nerve-wracking when they  first appeared in my yard.  But like Henry Higgins who has become accustomed to Eliza Doolittle  in My Fair Lady, I have learned to live with the Coquis and even appreciate them.  I've found them talking to me constantly. Their nightly symphony are constant reminders to...

let it all go
tell it to the universe
hear the harmony in cacophony
recognize that what you have is what you see in others
find peace!    

Photo by Tibor Mester

If you want to hear a Coqui frog please click on this link:
- Ariel Murphy


  1. "Jungle Sounds" CD from the Nature Store...15.95. Sound system to play it on...699.00. How much that experience costs in Hawaii...0.00. Priceless!! The coquis help drown out the voices in my head.
    "Hear the harmony in cacophony" - wonderful, Ariel!

  2. Great "reminders" - It did take me a little while to start enjoying them - same is true of the hundreds of Mynah birds that nest in the huge Banyan tree across the parking lot here in Hilo. Their chatter is so interesting every evening when they return and every morning when they awake, I ponder what they are talking about - I don't need an alarm clock - I can count on them between 5:30 and 6:00AM every day.

  3. jump, laugh, peace
    I cant wait to make it out there to visit you guys!

  4. We're mellow in Hawaii Jesse. Come take a look. Thank you for your comment.

    And thank you too my "knights in shining armor" Peter and Paul. Mary still has to show up. :)

  5. I have heard of the coqui frogs, a friend of mine made us laugh with her frustration for the noise they make... we never understood it... But in reality when you think about it, all these creatures represent peace on our planet, each one offering its unique self and gift.

  6. Those coqui frogs are super vocal over there on the Big Island :) Jump, laugh, peace!

  7. coqui frogs are super cool...Cool post..Jump, laught, peace be the journey..