Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Funny Screen Names

Whenever I play Literati on Yahoo games, I can't help but chuckle when I see the screen names that people use. Here are some:

glowworm181 -  A worm that glows... interesting! 

knucklebuster3001 - Anger issues?

roadaheadistough -  Dude, you just manifested your future.

siberiantiger - I wouldn't mess with this one.

exchanging_glances - Strangers in the night?

urkittysbestfriend - Meow!

reelaffair2002 -  He obviously likes music.

shopaholic0903 - Nope. That's not me.

crazy_chic -  I'd never think of using that screen name.

i_playdirty_61 -  And I have soap and water

daisy_chains.oflove - a serial kisser?

letmespankyou2003 - That's what rings his bell. folks!

twodumbirishfarebeater - Must be those Murphys

bigbuttbecker -  Go ahead. Make me envious.

Sarcophallus_30 - Really?

ernest_hamneggs - I'd like to be invited for breakfast please.

brad_notpitt -  Dang! There goes my chance to tell everyone that Brad Pitt and I played with each other.

a99cougar -  Stay away from my son!

obiewonkachubby - He obviously enjoys a  lot of TV dinners while watching Starwars episodes.

vergiepitcock -  Subtlety isn't one of her virtues.


- Ariel Murphy 


  1. I like the way you can get a glimpse of how someone's mind works (presumably) by seeing the user names they come up with. And the creative energies seeing those names generates.