Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gallery: Photography by Eric Delcour

Today, I am featuring the photography of Eric Delcour, who describes himself as an amateur photographer based in Belgium.

From Eric Delcour:  "Everyday I learn to make "better" pictures, but most of all, I learn to use my eyes again. Before, I went by and overlooked the beauty of nature because everything has become so common and uninteresting. Whenmaking a photo-walk, I notice how awesome nature can be. Now that I am retired I will have more time for my old hobby. I have a camera Pentax K 5 + Objective SMC DA 18-135MM 3.5-5.6. I intend to post-processing my photo's as less as possible, because I want to show nature like it is, and not how I wish nature should look. Otherwise my camera has a built-in HDR development software and I have installed the freeware GIMP 2 photo-editor. So I will play a little bit with these features too. I hope you will comment on my pics and criticize them, so I can learn and improve."  

- Ariel Murphy