Friday, April 19, 2013

Who Do You Run to?

When I am sad
when I am troubled
I run to you

I remember 
the sound of your laughter
welling up from deep inside you
your  wisdom
I greedily drink from the gurgling brook of your vitality
and soak in the comfort of your serenity

your whisper is the sound of chimes rustling with the breeze
tugging at my heartstrings
kindling my primordial being
with wild tongues of fire

the sunshine you bring sends shadows fleeing
I awake to the morning thinking
of the budding wild orchid in my garden

you have no idea
what you do for me

yes I will be still and listen
the bell tolls Angelus
you point out
the appointed hour has come 
to  lift  my eyes from the debris littering  blood-soaked earth
to the glory way beyond the heavens
 unseen but felt and known

 kneeling in supplication
arms outstretched in surrender
 eyes closed
heart wide open
I  die into the Universe's

And there you are.

- Ariel Murphy


  1. Deep thoughts by Ariel ...You express them well, my friend!

    1. Thank you Pete! I like deep and far out. I'm a seeker! :)

  2. Being grateful is a part of living a meaningful life. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Like a prayer, your words touches the soul of who we are Ariel.... Thank you sis!

  4. Moving, passionate, beautiful! Thanks, Ariel