Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Being Naked

Photography by Gina Hastings-Price

He  says it better than I show.

- Ariel Murphy


  1. Great comment by Rob Bell, but I'll have to out myself on this one :-) Having been a social nudist for over 40+ years, it's also easy to take off your clothes and NOT have sex :-)! I have also found it easier to know the spirits, thoughts, etc. of friends in a nudist environment. Have a beautiful naked day :-)

  2. So today, after reading your post (and closely studying the image you attached to the post!), I entered into a meditation on Intimacy, and Courage, and Bravery, and Foolishness. Who among us is foolish enough to be brave enough to have enough courage to be Intimate? I myself am too ashamed to be that vulnerable. I continue to be awestruck at the blessings you bring into this universe, Ariel!!

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  4. That is a new way to view it

  5. I like it....

    1. Awesome video +Vitalis tinga Okoth! Thank you for sharing!

  6. It's definitely a lot harder to be truly naked than to just take off your clothes to have sex, I agree. Well said.

  7. Great Post and it makes you think about the clothes off vs exposing your soul.

    Blog With Passion!

  8. Yes, to tear down the walls around our hearts and let someone in is the true meaning of vulnerability. The true meaning of love and trust.