Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gallery: Paintings by Rod Cameron of Hawaii

Today, I'm featuring the work of Rod Cameron, an artist who lives in Hawaii.  Says Rod Cameron, "Light and Dark, the straight and the curved, all the contrasts of life in life. Only beauty is transcendent and can only be fully appreciated in light that reveals its forms. To love beauty is to see the light. With the light comes shadows and in all great beauty there is sadness. "



Ariel's Note: Mr. Cameron has ten years of expertise teaching art with over thirty years as an honored, professional artist. He has received over fifty awards in illustrative art, painting & design and with his lively, in-depth workshops and successful one man shows; he has become
one of Hawaii's most popular artists' and at the least- a master painter. Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Echo Park, Los Angeles, Rod was initially self-taught with strong drawing and figurative leanings. 'I decided to become an artist clearly at the age of eight as I stood before Michelangelo's Pieta'. I knew then that I could never become so great, nor really cared - just that I wanted to create,' Mr. Cameron says. He went through LA-city colleges (AA) degree, sat-in where he could, learning the basics with a secondary emphasis on physical & comparative anatomy to improve his draughtsmanship. He then went on to Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles and had additional studies at the Art Students' League of New York City. Cameron, going further, apprenticed and learned to paint as the Impressionist's, in Palm Springs, California with Mr. Keith Ward (b1917/2001), his mentor, a successful painter and former illustrator during the 'Golden Age of Illustration,' i.e.: “Dick & Jane” series of early readers and the Texaco Dalmatians.

Rod Cameron creates and teaches out of his Beach Road Studio, in Keaau, Hawaii. He is represented by: The Prague Gallery, Czech Republic, Dreams of Paradise Gallery, Hilo, Hawaii, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Art Center and Cedar Street Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii.   To see more of Rod's paintings, please click on the link below:

- Ariel Murphy


  1. Ditto. Excellent Work! Love your Blog Ariel.

  2. I love Rod's work. Thanks for sharing them Ariel!