Thursday, April 18, 2013

Some Forms of Addiction

A friend of mine got into trouble with his partner who caught him flirting online.  He nearly got exiled to a dog house in Siberia had I not told him to give her a flower a day and lots of tender loving care (TLC). They worked.

All became quiet at the battlefront.   My friend unpacked his suitcase.

Two days after, as my friend was chatting on line trying to survey ladies on the ramifications of  the word "Penetration," his partner crept behind him and posted a pink slip on his laptop screen.

I told him to give her a flower a day and lots of TLC.


Source: googleimages
- Ariel Murphy



  1. Yes, I'd say your friend has an addiction for sure! No smoothing over the symptoms, needto address the cure. Only answer is to give his will over to our God will!

  2. TeeHee...the RAMifications of 'penetration''re such a clever wordsmith Ariel! Your blog never fails to intrigue and inspire! Your blogs almost always lead me to ponder and wonder and wander. I'm a big fan of the 'road less traveled', always looking for the vista over the next hill, or around the next bend, that will take my breath away. I've been down the 'sexual addiction' road so many times, my eyes have become inured to the view. Good to have someone come along and try to knock the scales from these jaded old eyes.

  3. There are many types and degrees of addiction from drugs to porn to religions - you name it. I can speak from experience (and a few times in psychoanalysis) on many, but addiction is habit turned obsessive and the way to change it is the free will of mind over matter. Chemical addiction is probably the hardest to overcome. That's why AA tells their members that they are always "recovering" alcoholics which I find puts some at a disadvantage because some DO fully recover. I know the blog is about your friend and porn, but in ALL instances a "Flower a Day and TLC" are GOOD IDEAS! I'm still a "Flower Child" at heart :-)

  4. There is more than one form of addiction in the story. My friend is addicted both to titillation and being discovered seeking it!

    Thank you for your comments everyone!

  5. lol wow indeed addictions are going viral these days! great post