Monday, April 15, 2013

The Light Within

 friend who ministers in his church  was telling me  that he preaches better when he does not  strictly follow his prepared messages. He just speaks from his heart. 
He had always thought that whenever he sought light, it would merely appear right in front of his eyes, just like in the movies.

Then he realized that all he had to do was look within himself. And there it was: Light he shared with others.

You see, you either have it or you must have been elsewhere when Light came to touch your eyes.

Or your heart was simply blind.
Source: googleimages
- Ariel Murphy


  1. I love this picture, Ariel! Such a perfect illustration of your message. Well...your blog today sent me down the path trod by "Saul, also know as Paul" and his encounter with a blinding light that was part of his conversion experience. A tale told in the religious texts of my upbringing. A quick 'google', and cursory glance at the search results, uncovered more scholarly disposition than 30 years' of catechism exposed me to. And still the question remains...does the light of truth live within me? And what IS that truth? Am I on the path that will lead me to that light of truth. Or, have I already arrived?

  2. I really like this and it makes you think that planning while it's nice doesn't always yield the best results! Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Speaking from the heart let your true self speaks which allows you to align yourself with your purpose in life. Great post

  4. Agree light or message within is power than a prepared speech.

  5. What a great way for him to see his work, in serving his community.

  6. You have the light within, my sister!