Saturday, March 16, 2013


A river runs through a friend's 80-acre estate somewhere in California.  I was exploring the place one steamy summer afternoon when I chanced upon the scene on the photo. As I clicked my camera, I  thought  about how each thirsty cell of  those leaves and branches felt the moment water started seeping into it. Did it puff up like a balloon? Were the molecules crazily swirling with joy and dancing like idiots? 

For a brief illuminating instant, did the river and the tree get a sense of being part of it all?  They must have. They drew me to them.
I thought I found some good metaphors there for need, oneness, kismet...
- Ariel Murphy


  1. I think of her roots drinking from that water as well, and returning to the source through her branches and leaves.

  2. A wooded path
    Set by the water's edge
    Leaves reaching
    Longing to be touched
    I see symbiotic synergy at work in your picture, AND in your writing, Ariel