Thursday, March 14, 2013

Online Game Fun

I play Literati, an online game very similar to Scrabble. The game is so addictive I find it hard to wrest myself from playing. Though I play only unrated games, I still feel bad when I lose.  Whenever that happens, I only have to look at the screen names of all the players and I begin to chuckle.  Here are some of the names I found and my comments. What can I say? I couldn't help myself.

okiamheretoplay ---  Duh!

animaluver -- You must be Peter Haberly, DVM

godluvzmemost -- Delusionary?

upforfunguy -- Playtime. Wooohooo!
arabswithlove --- I love you guys too!

sweetattitude --  Nope, you couldn't possibly be the sister of someone I know.

pot.lobster -- Yeah and let's eat it too.

guytweety -- Make up your mind honey. Are you guy or are you tweety? Maybe guy by day and tweety by night?

stallion4v -- Is it safe to assume V. is happy?

momofnine2000 -- V. must have been happy.

rideme30 -- I guess he was referring to his bike.

logicalheart -- Yeah right. But I'd say that's a nice oxymoron.

hottalkxxx69 -- He was playing with grandmama012002.

rocketlady - Wow!

donewithwhackos  --- Baby, you ain't got a clue.


Here's a link to Literati:

- Ariel Murphy


  1. I have fun with online nicks also, I think it's a logical extension of the 'vanity license plate' game...U4EA...LunaSea...Insinr8r. Great way to get the creative juices flowing

  2. I'm glad I've made you smile. Thanks for your comments guys! I always feel gratified seeing what you have to say about my post. Sometimes I feel like pulling the plug off but you keep me going!