Saturday, March 9, 2013

Talking to Siri

Siri, my iphone's phone's concierge, can reportedly follow commands. Here are what I'd like her to do:
1.  Mow my yard.
2.  Wipe my kitchen counter every 5 minutes.
3.  Fish for Ahi.
4.  Take me to the turtles of  Punalu'u.
5.  Dance with me on the sugar fine white beaches of Boracay.
6.  Send me a bundle of sweet-smelling sage tied in a deep   red bow.
7.  Blindfold and take me on a Trust Walk.
8.  Reach for my hand and hold it tightly.
9. Tell me you love me.
10. Repeat the the last everyday. 

Boracay beach, Philippines

Turtles on  Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

- Ariel Murphy 


  1. I asked for #6...her search returned a bundle of fresh rosemary tied in an aubergine bow...pretty good for a speech-recognition algorithm!!

    1. Did you use the rosemary for cooking?