Friday, March 8, 2013

Photo Gallery - Red Flowers

Everyone likes flowers. We gift and greet each other with flowers. When we find it hard to say what are in our hearts, we use flowers to speak for us.

We like flowers so much we attempt to immortalize their beauty through drawings, paintings and photographs. Below are some of my favorite photos of red flowers. I hope that the close-up shots inspire us to look closer at the beauty around us so that we see not  just shapes and forms but also their very essence.

May the flowers' vibrant red hues brighten our day and  bring passion into everything we do.

Photo by Ren Tyhychi

Claret cup cactus by Raoul Touzon

Hibiscus petals by Amy White 

Dahlia by Jagadeesh

Red Pansy by dieffi

- Ariel Murphy


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful sentiments, Ariel.

  2. Beautiful and yes, it brightened my day :-)

  3. Sometimes I feel like Guenevere in Camelot with knights of shining armor. Mahalo much my kama'aina friends! You guys are my ku'uipo!

    1. Ahhh...Thanks, Ariel! How very sweet of you, m'lady! Your post yesterday aroused the chauvinist in me, but I would rather you saw my chivalrous side...

    2. If only we can bring back Camelot and especially Merlin!