Thursday, March 7, 2013

Breast Size and Sexism: Titillating News

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an interesting article in the Huffington Post.  The article was entitled "Sexist Men Like Big Boobs?"  and talked about a study made by the University of Westminster published in February in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

According to the study, men who prefer big breasts tend to be sexist  more than  those who prefer small ones. The "big breast men" associate  big boobs with "traditional" femininity and perceive women to be meek and weak. These are the type of men inclined to treat women as mere objects of convenience.

Reading the article made me think of another study I read  many years back that correlates men's intelligence with their breast-size preference.  The study said that men who prefer women who are not as well endowed as others tend to be more intelligent than their counterparts who prefer large mammary glands.

I thought about those two studies and wondered if men's preference for more "spirited" women has anything to do at all with their intelligence and sexism.

Would you say that the higher a man's IQ the less likely he is intimidated by women who are not afraid to give an opinion or dare ask questions?  Do more intelligent men  tend to appreciate women who are "non-conforming"?

This blog may not directly help save the world but I do have an altruistic reason for posting it.

The less sexist men are the  happier and more self-actualized women  will be.

Fulfilled and happy women make for a better world.

Actress Selma Hayek. Source:

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- Ariel Murphy 


  1. I must admit...anything with Salma Hayek will garner my attention! She, ummm, has great spirit.

  2. Passion for life is the MOST attractive characteristic for me in a woman. Mindless, shallow sex is boring! Been there, done that and now I want a true partner in creativity and simplicity. Breast size and physical atributes in general are important factors to me, certainly, yet the sexiest woman for me is the intelligent woman who is excited to learn more and experience life on her own terms.

  3. Well, it's a relatively small study..."361 white, heterosexual men, ranging in age from 18 to 68", and I just barely made the top of the age group, but I am grateful to know that I fit into the 8.3 percentile :-)
    Thanks, Ariel - Good one!
    As to your last two questions, my answer to both is "Yes", and I also agree as you stated..."The less sexist men are the happier and more self-actualized women will be. Fulfilled and happy women make for a better world." We need more women in Congress. One of my friends in my group always puts a tribute to women as her Facebook Cover Photo.

  4. You're right. Fulfilled and happy women make for a better world.