Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gallery: Photography by Tristan W. Che

Today I'm featuring the photography of a young man in Japan whose name is Tristan Chen.  While browsing through Google+ one day I saw Tristan's photos. I contacted Tristan and asked if I could use his photos for my blog's photo gallery. At first Tristan was hesitant. He said that he's merely an amateur photographer.  I thought however that whether amateur or not, anyone who takes good photos deserves to have them displayed. I hope that you enjoy Tristan's photos below..

Ariel's Note: G+Tristan Che is 42 years old and lives in Japan. A web designer, Tristan started becoming a serious photographer in 2012.


  1. The sunflowers remind me of my 'Home on the Range'. He seems to have a knack for snapping the shutter at the most auspicious moment!