Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Cellphone as a Medical Device + More

Who could have imagined years ago that we could call each other from anywhere via the cellphone? In fact, nowadays we can even see each other via the cellphone, no matter where we are and for as long as the signals are present. What can I say? I'm fortunately in the relatively "untouched" back waters of Hawaii where lack of technology is not necessarily bad.

My friend Pete Haberly sent me an interesting story about how we can now do even more amazing things with our ubiquitous cellphones.   A special application that can be bought for a little under $200 can transform our cellphone into a medical instrument. Through the app, the phone can do heart, blood and saliva tests among others. It can even be hooked up to  devices  and produce  scans, ECGs and ultrasounds.
The technology definitely saves money and time.  Medical analyses and screening can be done instantaneously and remotely.  A special sensor can be applied to one's chest, for example, and the phone produces a cardiogram that can be messaged or  emailed to one's doctor. There is no need to visit a lab and wait for the result to be processed. I've been imagining also  how the phone could be of use for pregnancy tests.

Still on the health subject, I was wondering  if one day those  imaginative tech geeks will come up with an app that a girl can use to tell if a love interest is serious or merely stringing her along.
Imagine a world with a minimum of  heartbreak and rancor over failed relationships simply because the phone eliminates the fatal danger of making wrong assumptions. Time to make love not war!

For example, the phone would be able to tell through a special sensor attached to a man's chest or wrist  if the dream house boyfriend says he will build  (to impress girlfriend) is really merely a house of cards. The phone could be a handy and convenient lie detector gadget and every girl's best friend. No, it is not enough that your nose extends a bit every time you lie, Pinnochio.

The phone could also be every guy's buddy.  With the help of  a special app and a sensor, a guy could even predict how his evening will turn out based on a digital reading of his partner's "romantic indicators."

Now don't get all excited guys and gals. Be patient with our current smart phones but keep watching. Definitely, "phonedocs" are just around the corner  and, hopefully shortly after,  "lovephones."

Be sure to click on this link to "digital medicine":

 - Ariel Murphy


  1. I have enough trouble figuring out how to use the apps already in use! Haha.

  2. Your blog never fails to educate, entertain, and intrigue me, Ariel! If you've not heard of 'Gizmag', you might want to check it out. Almost everything you reference in this column has been addressed in recent issues...even down to options available for the lonely soul who hasn't been successful in human intimacy. Hmmmm...smartphone as lover?!? wonder we're attached at the hip :-)

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