Monday, March 4, 2013

Something Wonderful

Scott Miller and I were lovers for four years. Since we separated, we've been very good friends and consider each other the only sibling we have in Hawaii.

Scott is a stickler for integrity. He is honest and trust-worthy.  Once I gave him a check, which he refused to take. He told me that the money did not belong to him but to my late husband -- someting I couldn't have known. A lesser man would have simply pocketed the check.

Scott is well known  for his expertise and generosity.  He was the first acupuncturist to set up shop in Hilo and was judged as the best acupuncturist  in town by a local publication.  Knowing Scott's abilities fully well, the only acupuncture school on the Big Island routinely sends Scott applicants for evaluation and training and recently finally persuaded him to start teaching in the school.

The "gentle giant" is what people call Scott because his height (6'4) and weight (never mind) correspond to his big heart and the extent of his kindness. He does not hesitate to give acupuncture treatments or medicine for free, or at a substantially discounted rate, to those he knows desperately needs healing but cannot afford the fees.

Blessed with a sunny disposition, Scott always has a ready joke to tell. He inserts his acupuncture needles on his patients as he makes them smile at his jokes, which he would first practice on me.  Sometimes he forgets that he has already told me the joke at least five times before. I tell him that he must be related to Pia, one of "The Three Sisters," who likes to repeat the same stories she had already many times told me previously.

Today, I'm bringing Scott to the hospital. He needs a procedure done on an eye, which has been bothering him for some time now.

Though afflicted with an eye problem, Scott staunchly refuses to be in the dark.  He would greet most mornings enthusiastically  announcing: "something wonderful is going to happen to me today."

Thank you Scott for your friendship, caring and  your joy, optimism, selflessness,  and  enthusiasm for living.

Happy birthday!  Know that I love you and  hope that something wonderful happens to you today!

Scott Miller and his "daughters"
- Ariel Murphy


  1. Very nice, Ariel - wish him well on the eye problem - hope to meet him someday.

    1. Thanks Pete! Scott's practice is called Healing Arts Alliance. He's on Kawakawa St., across Chiang Mai restaurant and near the East Hawaii Cultural Center.

  2. Your gracious heart is showing, Ariel...beautiful! I first met Scott at a La'au lapa'au workshop at Volcanoes Natl Park...maybe 10 years ago, or more...that June Gutmanis' daughter was presenting. I still remember the wonder in his voice when he talked about planting Kukui trees in big piles of compost and the amazing growth that resulted. A special man, indeed. And you're special for sharing your experience of him with us!!

  3. Thanks Paul. I could have said more about Scott but I didn't want the blog to be too long. Yep Scott does have special qualities and one thing nice about life is learning about people who cross one's path. Learning about others helps me go past what's not "nice" and see what's beautiful. I've blogged about others before. What can I say, people are interesting!

  4. My partner's (Sally) last name is she's always felt a special affinity for Scott. And she speaks glowingly of at least one of his 'special qualities', after spending time with him at Kehena. She speaks highly of his acupuncture skills, and I add Oil of Oregano to my drinking water, after his suggestion that it can cure a host of things that might ail you. Sorry we had to leave so early Sat night...I was kind of looking forward to the 'power trio', but alas, it was not to be!!

    1. After living with Scott for 4 years, I've learned the value of herbs. I have Oil of Oregano and gammaoling all the time. I take gammaoling at the first sign of a cold and before I travel. Yep. Scott has a good reputation. He's a dear. Let me know if and when you and Sally want to go whale watching. I'm sure that Scott would be glad to take us whenever he's planning on sailing.

  5. You and Scott are such good friends. When do we go sailing again?