Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tabula Rasa - liberation. resurrection and renewal

This time of the year is special for many people and religious beliefs.  The Jews celebrate Passover and Christians, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.   For others, today has been and is still called Easter Sunday. It was only recently when Christians advocated changing the name of Easter Sunday to Resurrection Sunday after realizing that Easter was a goddess  worshipped by Anglo Saxons  of ancient times in connection with the coming of spring, which was celebrated with egg hunts. Eggs symbolized renewal and fertility.

There is for me an underlying thread connecting Passover, Resurrection and pagan Easter -- liberation.   In the story of the Passover, God freed the Jews from slavery to the Egyptians by diverting their attention from hunting Jews down to mourning their dead first male newborn who were slayed by God's angels whereas every male newborn of the Jews were  passed over.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ for many Christians symbolizes not only salvation from sin and its consequence of hell and eternal damnation. For me, resurrection is a clear message of triumph over whatever trumps us, mortals -- fear, anger, disappointment, rejection and even those "death of the spirit."

Today, in commemoration of Resurrection, Easter and Passover,  I choose to free myself from thoughts and feelings that  weigh my soul down and keep me from the light  and growth. I choose to be liberated and to  renew myself with a clean slate -- tabula rasa in latin.

I wipe my slate off  whatever vestiges of toxicity  I've been  struggling with and replacing those with  forgiveness, compassion, love, peace and joy.

I cleanse myself by asking for your forgiveness.  To those I may have wittingly or unwittingly caused pain, please accept my apologies.

A happy Easter and Resurrection Sunday to everyone!


- Ariel Murphy


  1. "...forgiveness, compassion, love, peace and joy" - and thankfulness!!
    Thanks, Ariel!!

    1. Thanks Paul and a happy birth and renewal day to you!

  2. I wipe my slate to the best of my ability every day that I awake - each minute of every day is a gift! Love, Light & Laughter is my Mantra :-)

    1. Love, light and laughter!!! A very good mantra Peter!