Saturday, March 2, 2013

Internet Friendship

I met somebody last night.  Well, I have actually met him but had never seen him until last night. We're Facebook friends and he comments on my blogs.
It was nice, to say the least, finally meeting him face to face.  He introduced me to his partner, who couldn't dance. So he and I danced instead.
I wish I could personally meet all those I only see on my computer screen. But most of them live an airplane ride or oceans away in France, Switzerland, India, Korea, Germany,  Canada, Bangladesh, etc.
Most of the time, the only thing they do is G+ my blog, which tells me that they like it enough to give me points. Occasionally, if and when I'm lucky, I get a comment or two.
I am grateful for how the internet makes the sharing of thoughts possible and bring people together, no matter where they are.
This shows me that people want to reach out and be understood and appreciated for what they share -- be they photographs they've taken, jokes they've heard, or thoughts in their minds.
The more we connect with each other, the lesser the separation, which is the breeding ground for misunderstandings and consequently, conflict.
In a way we can say that through cyberspace, you and I have an amazing long distance relationship affirming that all of us have the same concerns, joys and heartaches as our planet ship sails through the waters of life.
And maybe, just maybe, someday  somewhere we'll hopefully see each other, just as an internet friend and I did last night.
There's always something to look forward to.
 - Ariel Murphy


  1. She turned slightly to the left. I waited. Knew that at any moment, out of the corner of her eye, she was going to catch sight of me. But she faced back to the band, her back to me. She turned to the right, her body moving to the music, and kept turning. Completing a full circle. Not once looking up, lost in the music, deep in the rhythm. Her gentleman partner was a fine dancer. Smooth, comfortable, respectful, he kept up and kept his distance.

    Ariel began another slow turn. My heart quickened. Time slowed. And she looked up. A moment's hesitation. A moment of disbelief, uncertainty crossed her face. Then she saw my broad smile. And I saw hers. She stepped off the dance floor and approached me, a questioning glance at Sally. I nearly knocked her over with my hug, I was so eager to greet her.

    1. I wasn't sure that it was you I saw Paul although you said you were going to be there. I had to strain my eyes and took a chance it was you.

  2. Nice :-) And as they say with face-to-face real-life friendships - there for a season or a reason :-)