Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gallery: Chris McGowan Photography

Photography is a means of not only capturing a particular scene; it is also a way of seeing the world through another's eyes.

Often, we go through life caught in our routine and miss seeing the remarkable in even the seemingly ordinary. 

Photography refreshes our soul and liberates us from being hostage to the rat race.  It keeps us forever young.

Below are photos shot by Chris McGowan, a young photographer who dedicatedly pursues his passion to capture the beauty around him.

Sunrise over the plains
Smokey Mountain Overlooking Wild Goose Island, Glacier Park, Montana

Railroad Tracks

Elk Creek, Augusta, Montana

To view more of his work visit

- Ariel Murphy  


  1. The Elk Creek photopragh is one of the best images of Montana I have ever seen!

  2. Thanks Ariel. Beautiful writing.

  3. I've emailed him before & his site is well worth the visit :-) Love his photos.

  4. He has unique and beautiful photos in his gallery